After more than 50 years in the textile industry, generation after generation, we still believe in a high-quality textile industry, creative and innovative. We’re certain that sustainable production, our collaboration with the client, traceability, transparency and social responsibility are the future of textiles.

Conscious that we are at the start of the production chain of the garments that you wear, our actions leave a mark on our surroundings and the people. Therefore, we design and manufacture our products following the sustainability criteria.

Sustainability is present in all the fabrics that take part of Sebastian Textiles. From the first moment of inspiration, we consider the life cycle of our fabrics, and we design bearing that in mind. It’s also our responsibility to choose the manufacturing process that is more respectful to the environment and to use fibres of sustainable origins and biodegradable properties.

The how and when it’s produced matters to us: we’re local producers. Working with social and environmental responsibility is our goal, that’s why we introduced last generation technology, which allows us to minimise our environmental footprint. We put in all our senses towards process to transform all designs into creative and quality fabrics that fulfil our client’s needs.

In Sebastian Textiles we’re conscious that all the decisions we take, influence our planet. Therefore, we commit to follow the Objectives of Sustainable Development and the Principles of the World Pact of the United Nations.

Objectives for a Sustainable Development

The 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all the State Members of the United Nations in 2015, provides a shared plan for peace and prosperity of people and the planet, now and for the future.

We are committing to following these principles, applying our experience, technical knowledge and creativity to guarantee a quality process, of maximum benefit for the consumer and the environment.

Productive Efficiency

Product manufacturing with criteria of top efficiency and sustainability. Our politic in sustainable development is centred in:


Investment in machines and installations that allow a reduction in gas and electrical consumption. Our objective is that in 2025 all our mills consume solar energy, auto generated and renewable. We initiated this challenge in 2020, with the implementation of this energy in our headquarters.